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The Connections of Life

I don't blog. I haven't kept a blog in a really long time. I used to. I had a 'blog' before they were cool and everyone became a 'blogger'... but over the years, life changes. I moved on from one interest to others. I believe that as a society, we tend to overshare.. (I sometimes do.) And although I've had this website for over 20 years, it has evolved with me. Through life and relationships and careers and family and friendships. I have remade it over and over, like myself. It takes on a new chapter with me each year.

I've learned valuable lessons with this website and blog. Lessons that many younger generations could use. Like you don't have to put your whole life out there for everyone to view. Social Media is a drug. It can benefit and it can destroy. It can build a new life and career, and it can tear apart everything. I'm still learning these lessons every day.

It's been a long tough lesson to learn how to use social media and the web for good. I started a successful business, launched a few side hustles, networked into a successful career, made new friends, reconnected with old friends, found motivation and gained knowledge in the ever-changing online world.

I've also been on the receiving end of the worst of the internet. Trolling, nasty comments, judgments, and negative opinions. It forces you to build a thick skin and push forward. It also makes you create walls and become guarded on what you choose to share in your life. It became a carefully curated lesson.

I hope to start blogging here again. I don't really know what to share. I don't really know who would care to read about my mostly boring, sometimes chaotic and stressful, but full of love life.

I'm going to start sharing here more than posting daily on my social media accounts... why? because as the internet moves more and more with oversharing every aspect of daily life, I think I need to take a step back and move into a slower lane with posting and sharing... I'm a first-generation millennial. I love the convenience that technology gives us to stay connected, but sometimes that can overwhelm life.

So if you are part of my life, don't panic if you notice my social media circles becoming smaller. You can always find me back here, where I have always been.

Love, MelS