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Pro Sports Ticket Analyst | Broker & Business Owner

Meloney Smith is the owner of NOLA Nites Tickets & Concierge Services, a small business Live Events ticket brokerage and reservation services based out of New Orleans, LA; and a ticket analyst with the National Football League.

Meloney's southern upbringing fostered a love of cajun food, Mardi Gras, live music and American football.  She is a strong supporter and member of the Whodat Nation. Mel's die-hard love for the New Orleans Saints led her into becoming a ticket broker and event promoter for over ten years, with seven years as a professional sports ticket analyst.

A native Mississippian, Meloney is a city girl at heart with a penchant for dogs and pop culture, the ocean and traveling. Influenced by her grandparents, her love of traditions runs as deep as her southern roots. You can find her on a parade route, the first row at a Jimmy Buffett concert or club level in the Superdome. On her blog, she shares all things from lifestyle and live events to personal connections. You can follow Meloney through her social media channels or drop her an email.

Hi, I’m Mel. First up, I just want to say a quick “thank you” for visiting my website; it means a lot to me. A lot has happened in my life over the years. I've redesigned this website over and over with each chapter, but I’m happy to say that everything that has happened resulted in me being who I am today. I've changed my perspective on myself. I got a corporate job. I run a small ticket brokerage and I hustle even outside of my full-time job.

I've grown up. I've let go. I've made mistakes. I've been successful. I've failed. I've learned.
Looking back at my life, I realized the struggles were blessings in disguise. They made me stronger. They made me wiser. They gave me lessons to last a lifetime. On to the next phase.
So, here’s the plan – save up a hella lot for the next 6 years. And then quit my job to chase every single one of my dreams.
My blog will chronicle my journey towards that goal ... Towards a life worth living and a happier future. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.
                                 ~ xoxo, Mel